Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cobbler. Or maybe Clafouti. Plus, a scarf.

So, there I was, four against four hundred. Toughest four we ever fought. No, wait. There I was, at the farmer's market, this week. And I was with my son and the only thing I knew for certain is that I wanted some kettle corn. But the produce was lovely, so I ended up with some leeks, a bunch of carrots that are everything carrots should be, and a half-pint each of raspberries and some of the biggest, tastiest blackberries I've ever bought. (I prefer picking them in my back yard, but for various reasons, didn't happen. Spiders and not being able to reach them were the biggest problems.)

Anyhow, I ended up with gorgeous berries and no clue what to do with them, beyond eating them. The thing is, I love cooked raspberries, but the fresh ones always taste too tart to me to eat them fresh. Enter The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

I remembered seeing a recipe, not very long ago, about individual raspberry cobblers. I checked out the recipe: milk. I had that. Self-rising flour. I only had all-purpose, but I also have baking powder and salt. Vanilla extract. I have that. Butter. I have that. Raspberries. Ladies and gentlemen, we had a winner.

Yesterday, I carried out the experiment. Into one cup of flour went 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder and .5 teaspoons of salt. Then in went the sugar, and it was all combined vigorously before I added the milk, the vanilla and the melted butter. And then overfilled the muffin tins, and then added raspberries. (I ended up using half of what I had. And I even halved the recipe.) To make matters worse, there was a LOT of batter leftover.

They were HEAVENLY. Best ever. In spite of needing 20 extra minutes because of my oven.

So, today, I decided I needed to use up all the berries I had left. Turns out that with my muffin tins, one half-batch of these things made twelve cobblers and I had just enough berries for 6 raspberry ones and 6 blackberry ones. The blackberry ones nearly made me cry, they were so good.

On the knitting front, I finally almost got back to it. I'm not just a slow knitter, but worse, I developed carpal tunnel, so I had to stop for a while. I'm finally starting to get back to it. This scarf is for someone else, it's using some kind of Lion Brand thick/chunky yarn in charcoal grey, stockinette stitch. It's getting kind of long and it's boring, which is funny because I'd love to knit a Dr. Who scarf. Like that would be interesting? I know, I know.